WaterEquity is an innovation of Water.org. It connects social impact investors in the U.S. and Europe with enterprises such as microfinance institutions (MFIs) to serve the water and sanitation needs of those in the global water crisis. WaterEquity has the unique advantage of building on the decades of experience and success of Water.org, helping millions by breaking down the barriers to safe water and sanitation.

The team at Will & Grail was tasked with the development of the branding and website. We started with the logo which was developed by drawing inspiration from the shape of a water turbine. In the center of the logo is a water drop. Afterwards, we designed WaterEquity’s print collateral and the website.




I joined Will & Grail after most of the initial sketching process for WaterEquity. When I joined, the logos had been narrowed down to a few. My first task on the team was to make one of those final logos flow better. The evolution of the logo is shown in the image on the left.


The inspiration for the logo was drawn from the idea of hydraulic power and utilized visual characteristics of a water turbine. This represented the empowerment of the people in need of water and sanitation, the core of WaterEquity.

Its circular shape represents continual sustainability and infinite possibilities when solving the water crisis. And finally, the droplet in the center reminds us of the life-giving power of water in our world.


When choosing the WaterEquity brand colors we went through various color options. In the end, we decided it would be best to use the palette that had been set for Water.org. This would visually tie the two brands together.



WE_Envelope & Letterhead.jpg

One of the items requested by WaterEquity was a Microsoft Word template for their investor reports. You can see two pages of this template in the example below.