Ubiq exotic barbecue

Ubiq Exotic Barbecue is targeted towards people who want to bring a little bit more flavor into their barbecue. Ubiq features sauces from around the world, which introduce Ubiq’s new Asian line containing flavors from Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese cultures.

My goal in designing Ubiq Exotic Barbecue was to veer away mainstream barbecue design and focus on specific flavors as well as the cultural aspect through my use of illustration.

The labels explained

Ubiq’s Exotic Barbecue labels represent culture and flavor. The spiral design and frame that encloses the type representsthe sauce’s and spice’s culture. The flavor is represented in the illustration within the spiral.


Below is the design for the website and two different versions of the site on amobile screen. I did this to show how the site would translate onto various platforms.


The main colors of the brand were chosen to reflect the 80/20 rule in design. When I designed my barbecue I focused on the culture and the flavor, and not what you typically see in barbecue labels. To help balance that out I chose the black and red you usually see in barbecue.