My first major step in my career begins in October

For those who don't know me this step is a major ordeal for me. Ten years ago I decided I wanted a career in graphic design. It is rare for someone to know what they want to do at 14, but I was certain that being a designer was what I wanted. I worked hard in high school to learn what I could, started school, and due to circumstances, I spent six years in college to get my BFA in Design. I was in AIGA, and tried to get as many contacts as I could my last two years. I have had two internships as well. My second internship is going to finish up this week with Blacktop Creative. I was fortunate enough that they extended it twice (almost three times), if I hadn't found a job.

However, today I accepted my first job with Will & Grail. An agency in Kansas City, working to give brands a purpose and help develop those brands. I was on a personal roller coaster prior to accepting this job. When you want to do something for 10 years and no one can or will give you a job, or even a chance, you start doubting. I know it takes people a long time to get a job. I just started growing frustrated. I was reaching out to many people, and checking all the job boards I could every day too. Finally, I got an offer.

It is a dream come true and I am beyond excited to start this adventure with Will & Grail.