Getting the job and not being afraid to ask for help...

Hello all! It has been a while. I was going to try and update weekly but nothing was coming to mind on what to write about. I finally figured it out after a presentation last week from the Chief Idea Officer for Barkley, Tim Galles.

Tim talked about getting THE job, not just a job. What is the difference? Getting the job is the job you want. You aren't necessarily doing it for the salary and the benefits but you are doing it to make you happy. I really enjoyed this presentation for that reason. Nowadays, most people are concerned with what they make, their benefits, and whether or not they only have to work just 40 hours. However, if you love what you do then more than 40 hours shouldn't be a problem and a little bit lower wage than what you had hoped shouldn't be either. 

I've been working really hard to get THE job. I even took an internship over trying to get a job for the sake of wanting THE one. I think it is an important thing to think about because your job will have a large impact on your happiness.

Now what does all this have to do with asking for help? It has everything to do with it. When you are just starting out, especially as a designer, ask for help. Most of the time people want to help you. You are asking for their input and opinion (and who doesn't like to give that?) and to a lot of people that is not only flattering but brave. Not everyone will email someone or walk up to someone wanting to meet them, or get their advice.

All I am saying is work hard and don't just go for any job. It will be better for your happiness in the end.

On another note my internship is almost over with only 3 weeks left. It is super sad to think about. If you ever want to intern at a super cool and fun place with lots of nice people and great talent then checkout Blacktop Creative. If you get the internship you will not regret it.