The start of a blog...

Welcome to my first blog post. You're probably wondering what this blog might be about or why I decided to start one. Well, I recently graduated with my BFA in graphic design. As a designer, I want to be able to help and inspire people in their own career. That is why I created this blog: to inspire, share my story, and help those in need.

Recently I accepted an internship with a company I am beyond thrilled to work with, Blacktop Creative. They are a design agency that is partnered with Barkley, and their office is in Kansas City. Their job is to bring brands to life and they do work with companies such as IHOP, Applebees, and Plygem, as well as many others.

I still don’t know what I will be doing yet but I will find out soon because it starts June 1st! I hope you will follow me in this journey as a designer.