Student Work | Posters

The goal of this project was to design three posters each based on a political or social stance using a historical design style we studied in History of Graphic Design class.

The three styles I chose were Typographic Swiss, Conceptual Image, and Digital Revolution.


“Aim For Peace”

Poster Style:
Typographic Swiss

I believe peace is achievable by overcoming issues instead of resorting to war. This poster is a representation of barriers we have to travel through and get past before peace can be considered. Within the maze are words such as money, power, greed, and race.


“Nuclear Weapons Infographic”

Poster Style:
Digital Revolution

After realizing the incredible amount of nuclear weapons that exist in the world, I was motivated to design this infographic to share information on nuclear weapons and not only the dangers they pose, but also facts that people may not know about nuclear weapons.


“Creativity is Important”

Poster Style:
Conceptual Image

This poster is designed to depict the importance of creativity and how removing art from education has a negative impact on children over time. The lockers depict a timeline with the years displayed as the locker numbers. This has been an important issue since 2014 for Kansas, since Governor Sam Brownback continues to cut funding for art programs and education.